I desperately wanted to sell my 4700 sf home, which was really way too big for just me. I had listed the home with another agent for 6 months with no success. Carey had sent me a letter, and I called her to interview her. I knew she was right for the job. She listed the home only $5,000 lower than the other agent. She did an outstanding job with the Marketing of the home, and Carey brought me 2 highly acceptable offers in about 7 days. She took her time and explained the advantages of each offer so that I could make a good decision. Carey handled each detail expertly. I also needed to find a nice home to lease. Carey would not let me lease anything that was not par-excellent. We found a great lease, and she even negotiated the monthly price down a bit for me. I very much appreciated the wonderful job Carey did for me. I felt she went above and beyond the call of duty for me. I would highly recommend Carey.

Kathi Z.

I contacted Carey after receiving a wonderful personal letter from her. She knew my home had been on market for 6 months prior with another agent and did not sell. When I met her, I knew she was perfect for the job. She priced the home appropriately and sold it in 11 days. When the first deal fell through due to buyer financing, she sold it again within about 12 hours to another buyer. She didn’t miss a beat. She always had a solution to any issue that arose. I was moving out of state. Carey located a fabulous top agent, like herself, in the area that I wanted to live in. With her help, I was able to sell my home and move into my new home without 2 moves. That was so convenient and much less costly for me. I would highly recommend Carey Lambert as a Top Realtor. Her experience is priceless, and she certainly used it to my advantage.

Michael G.

My wife and I have worked with Carey Lambert for years.  She has helped us buy and sell 5 homes and purchase 4 investment properties for a total of 11 transactions.  Her experience and marketing abilities are par excellent.  She has surprised us many a time by getting us more for our properties than we thought we could.  She takes her time and uses her marketing abilities to the maximum.  All of her advertisements regarding our listings have exceeded our expectations.  Carey says she loves Marketing, and it truly shows in her work.  She is also very well versed with investment properties and can easily do a proforma on any property to ensure to us that it is a good investment for us.  We have always made money on the investment properties that Carey has sold us.  She even helps us to lease the properties so to keep them fully occupied.  We thank her for giving us a solid investment portfolio to achieve a great college education fund for our son, and for our future retirement.  I highly recommend Carey Lambert. She does not just charge a commission. She earns it!

C. Brown

Well, I didn’t think you could do it Carey, but you sold my house for me at the price I wanted. Great Job! Your marketing was fabulous, and follow up was great! Thank you for allowing me to be able to make my move out of state, and for hanging in there and getting the job done!

Steve S.

I was very pleased with Carey’s commitment to selling my property. I would highly recommend Carey for any real estate needs. She did a great job for me.

Jeffrie F.

I was finally ready to move out of state after living in my Metairie home for over 18 years. I met Carey and knew she was the agent for me. She told me a few things to make the home more sale-able at the price I thought the home was worth. She was patient with me during the improvement period and never pressured me. She came out multiple times to calm my fears and helped me stage the home. When we finally put the home on the market, Carey sold it in only 6 days, and at a price that was acceptable to me. Her staff was very nice, but I dealt most with her. I don’t think you can find a better real estate agent in New Orleans. I highly recommend Carey.

Steve C.

We couldn’t be happier with our results! After spending months on the renovation of our home, we were worried about the possibility of a drawn-out selling process. However, with Carey by our side, we were able to set our home for sale at the right price and were under contract in less than 24 hours! Carey helped us every step of the way, which made for a quick and painless closing. We look forward to working with Carey again during the purchase of our next home!

Mike and Marian D.

To sell a house in two days is unbelievable! All I can say is God has been with me this whole sale and I have a wonderful Agent. I would recommend Carey to the world. She is kind, sweet, and wonderful. I dearly love her as a real estate agent, and now also as a friend.

Lena P.

Carey demonstrates all of the qualities of a superior real estate agent. She is extremely knowledgeable of the market, and her advice is par excellent. Carey is professional and of the highest integrity. She is amicable and approachable, and she is always there when needed. Carey’s skill and workmanship are outstanding, from the professional photographs to the written summation of our home features. Carey managed the selling of our home with tenacity and grace. She sold our home in twenty-five days which is a testament to not only her ability, but also her dedication to her clients and profession. We are fortunate to have worked with Carey and we recommend her with our highest endorsement.

Dianne & Hoyt G

Dear Carey, thanks for all the many ways you were a help to Jerry and me in selling our home. I just knew from speaking to you for the first time that you were the agent for us. You made the whole process so easy, by telling is what to expect and keeping us up to date, which we appreciated. When we were looking for houses in Little Rock, I wish we could have cloned you as an agent here! I don’t think anyone can find a better agent to work with than you, and I wish you all the best.

Gwen H.

I was looking for a great real estate agent to list my home that my family and I had lived in for over 40 years. My wife and I asked around to my friends and business associates. On 2 separate occasions, 2 different people recommended Carey Lambert. That was enough for us. I consulted with Carey and she advised us exactly what we needed to do to the home to get it market ready, then she sold our home at asking price. It was a very smooth transaction and Carey kept us informed every step of the way. In our opinion, you cannot find a better Realtor to work with. She is experienced, and her vast marketing knowledge & negotiation skills are priceless. I highly recommend Carey Lambert.

Ron and Carol L.

Carey advised us on what needed to be done to make the house competitive on the market and once the listing was live, she gave 110% effort to market the home and get potential buyers through the door. When a contract fell through for us, Carey was able to get us back under contract right away! We highly recommend Carey Lambert for your real estate needs!

Leo & Jacqueline R.

Carey worked with us close to a year as we searched to find the perfect new house. When we finally found one, we listed our existing home with her. Through very clever marketing and appropriate pricing, we had 3 offers in 2 days. Needless to say… we recommend Carey to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house.

Rick and Michelle H.

Dear Carey, you know how great I think you are! You got the home sold before the lease expired. You emailed and talked to me to calm my fear. As an out-of- town seller, I really really appreciated that you handled all the repairs and our sale closed on time. Great Job!

Martha & John R.

I chose to sell and list our four-plex in Metairie. The entire process was conducted in a very organized and smooth fashion. The four-plex closed within three months of listing, without a hitch! I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and professional team. I would certainly use them again if the opportunity arose.

Bruner B.

Carey handled the selling of our home with experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Our Home had been listed with another agent for 6 months. We had already purchased another home and were paying 2 mortgage payments. Carey sold the house in 2 weeks! She got the job done for us quickly and efficiently. We didn’t have to pay another mortgage payment. We were so happy!

Dale & David L.

My condo sold after one month of listing with Carey and her Team. The condo had been on the market for 6 months previously with another agent with no success. I was greatly satisfied with the experience.

Yong C.

Carey helped me purchase a multi-family home in Lakeview. She was very professional and assisted me in the negotiation process and made sure everything was correct from the measurements of the house to the structural integrity. Carey will represent the client very well and give her expert opinion, while at the same time respecting the client’s opinion in the purchase or selling of what is normally the largest investment someone will make. As far as the New Orleans market, I would trust Carey to represent me again. I enjoyed working with Carey! 

Lee S.

We have used Carey and her team twice selling a house. Both times, she did her homework and came up with a plan and executed it flawlessly. Any questions or concerns we had were answered immediately. You could not ask for a better agent and team.

Eddie and Toni B.

Carey and her Team put forth a diligent effort in getting our house on the market and sold all within a six week period from the actual date we contracted with her to sell our house. We enjoyed working with her and would recommend her. She assisted us in the negotiation process and made sure everything was correct- from the measurements of the house to the structural integrity. Carey will represent the client very well and give her expert opinion, while at the same time respecting the client’s opinion, in the purchase or selling of what is normally the largest investment someone will make. As far as the New Orleans market, I would trust Carey to represent me again. I enjoyed working with Carey & her team of professionals.

Cecile & Garland R.

Carey worked with us to sell our home and it was sold in less than three weeks! She was very knowledgeable about how to market our home and she got the job done. Carey was very easy to work with and we felt very comfortable with her. We recommended Carey to some friends and she sold their home rather quickly after it had been on the market with another agent for some time. Carey does a great job!

Carla & Dutch B.

Carey Lambert has been great to work with. She was able to sell my dad’s house in Kenner in a very short amount of time. Her advice was really helpful and she always kept my sister and me informed. But where Carey’s skill and experience really shined through was in her ability to get us to closing the face of numerous problems. I would definitely recommend Carey to anyone selling a house.

Bob A.

Carey, We are settling down at our new place and love it more and more every day! We cannot thank you enough for all your help and continuous support! We wanted to say that we were lucky to meet you, and it was a pleasure working with you all this time. Being a first-time home buyer when you are new to the country, and have two little kids is not an easy process. However, with your help and dedication, we were able to finish everything smoothly. All the advice you gave was two or even three steps ahead. So, we were always ready and knew what to expect. You are very professional, but at the same time give the personal touch to your work. Thank you!

Lena and Stan S.

We inherited a house that was unoccupied for some time. After 6 months of no offers with another agent, Carey came in and sold the house after a day on the market with her team. She and her team were with us every step of the way. She even helped us sell a piano. She and her team were very professional and helpful. We were glad we found her and would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house.

Wendy and Walter D.

  We hired Carey and her team to sell our home after another agent was unsuccessful (after 6 months) in getting the job done. Carey and her staff communicated with us very well and kept us updated every step of the way. They sold our house for full price!!!

James & Myra W.

We had our house listed with another agent for six months with no showings, no offers, and no activity. Carey told us exactly what we needed to do to get the house market ready. After it went on the market, Carey immediately started to show it, hold open houses, and generate a lot of activity. Our Home sold for a higher price than any other home in the city sold for that year! We cannot thank Carey enough for getting our house sold so quickly! 

Dr. Charlie & Karen M.

Carey is great to work with! We did have tough inspections, but Carey held the deal together. She sold my home for $10,000.00 more than I thought it was worth, and that certainly made up for the commission rate. She was worth it! Great Job!

Carl S.

Carey sold my house for $14,000.00 more than I was asking as a For Sale By Owner! The photographs she took were beautiful and truly showcased the wonderful features of the home. She brought me a contract for 99% of the list price in only 25 days. I was thrilled! We worked great together, and I look forward to working with Carey again.

Roxanne W.

Carey sold our home for us. We had gone through another agent for 6 months prior with no success. Carey advised us on what needed to be done to the home to appeal to the widest range of buyers. After taking care of those items and putting the house on the market, and sold the house in only 12 days! We thoroughly enjoyed working with Carey and highly recommend her.

Tim & Trudy D.

We sold our home for $6,000 above asking price. After the first day on the market, we had 6 offers on the house. Carey and her team worked with us to understand each one and make the best choice for our situation. We were so thankful for all they did to help us get our home sold fast and for top dollar! We Highly Recommend Carey!

Dawn C.

If you are looking for a realtor who gives 1000% when you want to sale or list property, I recommend Carey Lambert who has a vast amount of experience, tenacity, and poise. She is great! Just call her, she will help you.

Danya R.

Carey Lambert was knowledgeable and professional; I was afraid I would not select the right realtor; however, I interviewed Carey & just knew she was going to do a great job. She did, and our house sold quickly and at a great price with her advice.

Judy A.

Carey did a fine job with selling our home.  We had the property listed for approximately 4 months with another Agent/Company.  I believe we only had 2 showings.  We had put in an offer on a new construction home.  We were about to lose that home because we had not sold our existing home.  We hired Carey.  She did a fabulous job on the marketing and coordination and brought us a great acceptable offer within 12 days.  We were amazed.  4 months with the other agent, 12 days with Carey.  Carey even spoke to the builder to advise them that she was intent on selling our home for us. Carey was to receive no commission on that sale, but she still got she got us an extension from the builder.  Thanks to her, we did not lose our dream home and were able to move forward and buy it.  I wish we would have found her sooner.  We sincerely thank you for helping our dreams come true!

Margo W. 

I was so impressed with Carey Lambert and her real estate services. She came out to meet me to assess our home and at that point, I knew she was the right agent. Carey then returned and helped to stage my house just a bit, moving a few pieces of furniture and decor around to make sure that it was totally in "show quality". She then had beautiful professional photos & a floorplan of the home done. We put the house on the market, and Carey had an over asking price offer for me in 1 day. I was very concerned as I have seen the homes in my neighborhood just sit on the market for lengthy periods of time. She did not under-price our home. She helped us to price it extremely well! And with her marketing and negotiation skills, we were able to make our move out of state easily and within our time frame. I would highly recommend Carey for any property listing. She takes her time and takes pride in her work. I am truly grateful for her help. I am still amazed at the quick sale and the price the home was marketed at. I didn't think we could get that much for our house. Her assistant was also such a big help, and she was always responsive. I am more than satisfied with the results, and I thank God we connected. Based on homes I’ve seen during my new search in another state, some agents clearly don’t help their clients the way she helped me, which causes me to appreciate her skills and service even more.

Sharon H.

We hired Carey to handle the sale of our family home of 38 years! She did an outstanding job! Her photos, amenities list, floor plan and summation of the home were excellent and truly showcased our home on the internet. She got us our asking price within 7 days! Everything went smooth all the way through closing. We had used Carey as our Buyers Agent before when she brought us a great deal on a 10 plex. That property was not even on the market. Carey is excellent at marketing, negotiation, and communication with us. We highly recommend Carey Lambert.

Michael & Loren C.

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